Will Heat Damage Your Granite Countertop?

Today, one of the most popular countertops out there is granite. It is elegant and durable. That’s why most homeowners choose it over other countertop materials.  


One question that homeowners ask when considering granite countertops is “can heat damage it?” The short answer to this question is yes. Heat can damage your granite countertops. While it’s heat-resistant and durable, it is not heatproof. Constant exposure to heat can eventually damage the surface of your granite countertop.  

So, before you hire a granite countertops Clearwater FL company, here are several considerations you should make: 

How to Protect Your Granite Countertop? 

There is nothing wrong with putting hot items directly on granite surfaces. This is particularly true if you have to do it. However, you’re pushing your luck too far if you constantly do it.  

If you want to prevent this from happening, make sure you place a hot pad or trivet on your granite countertop. With this, you can reach easily the trivet and place the hot pot there rather than directly placing it on the surface of your countertop.  

Don’t worry if you do not have a trivet. All you’ve got to do is to avoid placing the hot pot on the surface. Make sure you allow the pot to cool down first before you place it on your countertop. This means that you shouldn’t take the hot pot from the fire. Turn off the stove first. Next, let the pot cool down for a couple of minutes. Lastly, place the pot on the surface.  

Also, make sure you wipe the underside of the pot before you put it on the countertop. This will help you get rid of any burn or black marks that will discolor your granite countertop. 

What Should You Do If Heat Already Damaged the Countertop? 

You can restore your granite countertop using liquids and pastes if heat has already damaged it. There are a lot of unique solutions and creams out there that you can utilize to polish your granite surface and get rid of any marks and stains on them.  

Fortunately, you do not have to hire an expert here. This is a DIY job. Use the special solution and cream to get rid of the burn marks from the countertops. However, you might have to hire a professional if a couple of marks are difficult to remove. 

You might also have to use your warranty if the burn marks are still there even after hiring an expert to clean them.  

Other Things to Avoid Doing on Your Granite Countertop 

  • You Shouldn’t Work with Raw Meat  

Raw meat might appear harmless. It might not damage your granite surface. However, it has a lot of bacteria that can get to other foods you prepare on your countertop. Thus, you should avoid working with raw meat directly on your countertop.  

  • Do Not Stand on Your Countertop 

Granite countertops are made of stone. Thus, it’s sturdy enough to stand on them. Well, you’re not right. While countertops are made of rock, they can still crack if you place a lot of weight on them. Thus, you should stand, sit, or put any heavy item on top of your countertop 

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